Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning
The Key To A Successful Transition

Small business succession tends to focus on how a business will continue to operate once its founder or initial leadership team retires or otherwise leaves the business. While small businesses on the whole often fail after the departure of their initial leadership team, succession planning can result in significantly improved chances for a business's continuation.

Business owners are often concerned if their company will be in good & able hands after their departure / exit from the business. Usually, the family run companies who would like to pass on the legacy of their business empire created by them with their hard work all their life to their children or family members.

There are many challenges during this transition. The generation gap between the parents & the successors often result in strikingly different outlooks. More often then not the experienced founders want their successors to run the business similar to the way they did. But the next generation have a mind of their own & have a different outlook, goal & vision to run the company. Different operating styles often result in difference of opinion and that usually results in an unfavorable situation for the overall running of the business.

Small businesses and perhaps especially family businesses benefit from creating a disciplined succession process.

How Amson Consulting Can Help

Amson Consulting provides the solution of helping business owners make a smooth transition of their business to their successors and develop capable next in line leaders. Over several decades, there are businesses that in the second or third generation have either failed miserably or succeeded phenomenally. Learning from these two extreme scenarios & everything in between, Amson Consulting has prepared a robust strategic plan for ensuring that the transition planned is not only smooth & effective but also successful.


Step 1 line Step 1

Meet the Founder and review the business with it’s goals & objectives.

Step 2 line Step 2

Meet the Successor to understand them better.

Step 3 line Step 3

Ascertain their competencies through the appropriate Talent Development Assessments.

Step 4 line Step 4

Provide them with the necessary training where required.

Step 5 line Step 5

Make a strategic plan to manage a smooth transition of the business.

Step 6 line Step 6

Support the new team for successful implementation of the plan.