Developing Your Company’s Winning Management Style

Developing Your Company’s Winning Management Style

Developing Your Company’s Winning Management Style

Baseball fans everywhere look forward to the opening of preseason every year as all teams start on an even playing field with dreams of winning the World Series in October. As preseason turns to the regular season, and then the dog days of summer, many teams end up knowing that this was not their year. By mid-October, only two teams will be left to fight for the right to be the best baseball team in America. While the process may seem like it occurs throughout 162 regular-season games, the truth is that many different components must flow together flawlessly for a team to end up on top. The same is true of building a winning company who soundly defeats the competition. All the details are part of your management system, and it can be broken down into five unique components.  


Just like the best Major League Baseball coaches work hard throughout the off-season, the best companies lay a great foundation to build their company’s future success. The first thing that must happen is the establishment of an overall company goal. Then, just like the bullpen, first-base, and third-base coaches in the game, each leader in your organization must develop goals that help the company meet its overall goal.  


Coaches spend hours watching their opponents play and planning strategies to overcome the opponent’s strengths. You need to consider many different scenarios before writing a final playbook designed to move a company forward towards meeting its goals. The first step is to do a gap assessment looking at the current reality and what your company needs the future to hold. Working with a business consultant in Orlando, like Amson Consulting, is a great place to begin. Then, like a baseball coach telling his players how to beat the current opponent, you need to develop a plan to come out on top. Some of the components of your plan should include an organizational chart, roles and responsibilities, status reports, documentation, and training procedures.  

Development and Implementation

According to the Wall Street Journal, the average baseball game has just 18 minutes of action spread across the course of a three-hour game. It is the team that best prepares for the battle that comes out the winner. You need to develop a winning strategy by preparing for the moments of action when they happen within your business.  

Most baseball coaches spend hours with their staff and others after the game evaluating what went right and where improvements can happen. It is the same with your company, but many executives lack the skills to make effective evaluations regularly. You need to work with Amson Consulting, who has the experience necessary to be your business consultant in Orlando.  Contact them today or get one of their free e-books.