Five Ways to Manage Your Time at Work

Five Ways to Manage Your Time at Work

Five Ways to Manage Your Time at Work

Do you find yourself wondering how you still have so much work to do even after the full work day is over?  Do you struggle with accomplishing tasks in a timely manner?  Managing your time at work can be a struggle for many people, because there is constantly more work piling up, interruptions to distract you, and a life outside the workplace to keep your mind daydreaming.  As a business consultant in Orlando, we recommend ways to maximize your productivity and time.  By following these five steps, you can work to maximize and manage your time wisely while you are at work.

Stick to a Schedule

First, you need to create an organized to-do list with the tasks you need to accomplish at work.  Once you list all of these tasks, take time to identify the most important tasks.  These will need to be completed first.  After that, identify any other urgent tasks.  When you create your schedule, list the most important and then the most urgent tasks first.  Then, everything else will come after.  This will help you to accomplish necessary tasks before you work on tasks that have less importance or later deadlines.


When you are writing out your schedule, you'll also be prioritizing the important and critical tasks.  This will help you to successfully manage tasks throughout your entire work day, and it may even help you to eliminate tasks that aren't important for that specific day.  By eliminating tasks, you'll be able to focus more on the important jobs.  

Assign Times to Tasks

Once you decide what you need to accomplish that day, you want to consider how much time to allocate to each task.  Consider how much time that task will take you, and then write out that time.  When you are working to accomplish that specific task, you want to keep that time in mind.  If you are going over the time limit you've assigned, you're likely not focused solely on that task and you'll need to make adjustments.  Stay focused on the task and the time you've allocated to that task, and you'll find that you reach more goals throughout your work week.

Say No (When You Can)

In order to reach full productivity on the tasks you've been assigned, you might need to learn how to say no to any other extraneous tasks that come your way.  Declining another task will only keep you free to accomplish the ones already on your plate.  If you cannot decline a task, consider how you can delegate any of the tasks on your schedule by utilizing your team or coworkers.  This will help you to focus on the most important tasks but also still working as a team to make your boss happy.

Avoid Distractions

A work day can be full of distractions and interruptions that take away our abilities to fully focus on the task at hand.  These range from talkative coworkers, text messages from friends, and internet browsing.  These distractions are everywhere, so it is important to strategize how we can minimize them.  Consider silencing your phone or notifications, or close your office door to avoid coworkers walking past.  By minimizing distractions, you'll be able to have a more productive work day.  You will be shocked at how many tasks you can cross off your to-do list.

As a business consultant in Orlando, we at Amson Consulting recommend utilizing strategies to help you manage your time at work.  These steps will help you and your business maximize productivity in the workplace every day.  If you are looking for more ways to improve your business, contact us today for any of your business consultation needs.