How Personality Plays a Role in Executive Practice

How Personality Plays a Role in Executive Practice

How Personality Plays a Role in Executive Practice

How Does Your Personality Affect Your Business?

Many different factors determine your personality; including your upbringing, environment, genetics, experiences, the list goes on. As a corporate executive, you bring your character into every decision that you make. Stop for a second and think about how you would describe your personality and learn how it affects the choices that you make now and in the future.


You spend many hours studying, reading, and thinking about your occupation. You’re eager to share your expertise with peers and patrons. The business you run is likely to be highly customer focused and you value the enrichment of your employees. You spend significant amounts of time facilitating the growth of others while putting yourself aside.

As an adviser, be sure to stay rational with regard to what you share with others. Keep your goals realistic, achievable, time-based, and measurable. It’s important to avoid making promises you may not be able to keep. After all, it’s impossible to keep everyone happy.


You spend hours analyzing problems from every conceivable angle. Analysts thrive in data-rich environments, operating on a purely logical state of mind. You’re likely depended upon by others to provide consistent, reliable feedback and figures based on careful calculation and reasoning.  

As an analyst, it’s important to work on soft skills. Communication and relationships are often problems for analytical types. Try to remain vigilant of the emotions of others, as they might not fully understand your way of thinking.


If you’re an improver, then you believe that your company needs to be making the world a better place to live. While others may not always agree or understand the decisions that you make, your morals are impeccable. When you observe your surroundings, you’re likely to find the flaws and create solutions on the spot.

You often come across as a perfectionist, which could make you seem difficult to work for. It’s important to communicate your views to others, making them aware of the big picture. Don’t just demand changes, demonstrate their impact and explain why they must be made.


You’re a ball of infectious energy, and others love to be around you because you love to have a great time. Fireballs are very hard workers and quick thinkers. If you’re a fireball, you’re likely to be the center of attention at meetings as you rattle off idea after idea. You’ll find yourself the first one at the office in the morning, and the last one to leave at night.

Executives with this type of personality often have trouble staying focused on one task at a time. They also find it challenging to make decisions for fear of hurting someone’s feelings as they’re usually very empathetic. Be sure to slow down occasionally and take a rational look at your situation.


You are a superstar executive if you build your business around you and your personality. Many executives who fall into this category are building brands with their names on them. With your charisma and excellent work ethic, you’re likely to be trusted and liked by all, making business even better.

As a superstar, you find it difficult to accept criticism, which can make it difficult for others to suggest ideas on how to improve your business. Try to interpret constructive criticism as a net positive, as the sender is only trying to help you improve yourself and the business.


You have a beautiful dream about what your business will be one day, and the difference that it can make in the world. You spend many hours reading and learning about what you dream your company will be one day. You like to think of the big picture and try to make it a reality.

It can be tough, however, for you to make day-to-day operating decisions to get to the point where your vision becomes a reality. While the big picture is a promising idea to ponder, remember to implement your vision one day at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will the vision for your business be.

You most likely saw similarities between these personality types and your own. If you completely identify with one, or find yourself to be a combination of several, it’s important to understand the influence your personality has on your work. Each personality type has strengths and weaknesses. Working with a business consultant in Orlando can help you build on your strengths while helping to surround you with people who are strong in the areas where you are weakest. A business consultant in Orlando is a great place to begin making your company, and yourself, outstanding.